Stuck in the daily grind, office worker Amy Johnson finds inspiration in her high-flying, historical namesake to break free

Filmmaker/Little Victories Films

Films & Music Videos directed by Ryd Cook. Ryd makes fun, uplifting Short Films and Music Videos about and inspired by life, people & experiences. His films have been screened at many festivals including; The Cambridge Film Festival, The Disposable Film Festival, and in 2012 he won "Best Director - Short Film" for short film "Thrown" at Bootleg Film Festival, Toronto.

Filmmaking Teacher

Ryd tutors filmmaking. Ryd's teaching includes filmmaking theory, working with actors, how to use filmmaking equipment and how to edit films. His teaching aims to inspire people to go on and make their own work. They also encourage team work, develop social skills, and are a lot of fun! Films made at his workshops & courses have screened at film festivals, and won awards. Ryd also works as a technical assistant for the Cambridegshire Film Consortium.


Ryd shoots and edits films & videos with & for various organisations. He has made films and videos for Hoipolloi, The Cambridge Film Trust, Classworks, & The Cambridgeshire Film Consortium.

Thrown By Ryd Cook

About Me

Ryd Cook

I am a Filmmaker who makes fun, uplifting Short Films about and inspired by life, people & experiences.

I love inspiring others & I teach filmmaking to all ages.

I am a member of Project Trident.

I live in Cambridge, UK


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